introduction to the world of Flutter

introduction to the world of Flutter

  Not all children get the benefit of learning important life lessons through storytelling.   “The stories she held so dear got out good messages to all loud and clear! ”  Fairy Queen Flutterby quotes!  Most of us grew up learning  valuable life lessons, that we carry on into  adulthood, from the stories and fables our parents and grandparents shared with us. These stories have been passed down through the ages.  Many of the things I learned,  that really stuck with me and helped me to make better choices as I grew up, I retained from memory from those exact stories I was told at bedtime.    Remember the classic fairytale of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”?  This story was told to me as a young child and it taught me how wrong it is to lie! ​


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  1. Reblogged this on Fairy Queen Flutterby and commented:
    My name is Robin Borakove, I have been writing and telling stories since I was 7 years old. I have been a
    professional storyteller for the past five years. With my sons as an inspiration, I embarked on a journey
    to become a children’s author and founded a charity to distribute the earnings of my book donations, to
    families with Autistic children or any children’s charity that is requested.
    My book, Little Edwin’s Triumph,is a charming story told in rhyme, teaching children that just because
    they are small does not mean they can not be a hero. By storytelling in costume as one of the characters,
    Fairy Queen Flutterby, I receive the children’s full attention by entertaining them. Once I have that
    attention, I can begin to teach meaningful lessons such as the importance of a healthy lifestyle and
    literacy. I have been on a nationwide book tour and met thousands of children who have sent me fan
    letters and drawings of me as Fairy Queen Flutterby, more importantly, they thank me for teaching them
    that just because they are small doesn’t mean they can’t be a hero- proving that they are learning the
    message in my book and so much more.
    I have performed my storytelling shows in Libraries, Schools, Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs, YMCAs, in Rhode
    Island, Indiana, Colorado,Nevada, and have orders for shows in 27 other states and 5 countries. I am
    now focusing efforts here in my home state of California and I would like to be able to perform storytelling
    for the children here.

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