ImageFairy Queen Flutterby has been called on to calm the poor beast. This little dragon was captured by a strange creature known as Ren Fair!  He was so relived once the fairy began speaking to him in her silky voice.  Fariy Queen Flutterby has a wonderful calming effect on all kinds of mythical charecters.   


introduction to the world of Flutter

introduction to the world of Flutter

  Not all children get the benefit of learning important life lessons through storytelling.   “The stories she held so dear got out good messages to all loud and clear! ”  Fairy Queen Flutterby quotes!  Most of us grew up learning  valuable life lessons, that we carry on into  adulthood, from the stories and fables our parents and grandparents shared with us. These stories have been passed down through the ages.  Many of the things I learned,  that really stuck with me and helped me to make better choices as I grew up, I retained from memory from those exact stories I was told at bedtime.    Remember the classic fairytale of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”?  This story was told to me as a young child and it taught me how wrong it is to lie! ​

FlutterVision Productions Presents:  Flutterby’s Fairytales~ a Storytelling Extravaganza!!
Adults and Children alike, have been enchanted by fairies for generations.  In their eyes, fairies are real, and really do grant wishes!  Portraying the character, Fairy Queen Flutterby, Children’s author, Robin Aliece Borakove, is Performing a storytelling and interactive show for children and their families.  
Ms. Borakove has been on a nationwide book-tour performing storytelling, and, teaching children the importance of a healthy lifestyle.  Robin gives 100% of the book donations to charities such as JDRF, and Autism Speaks.
Little Edwin’s Triumph, L.E.T.  “Children Live Healthy & Happy Lives”
We invite you to visit the links below to learn more about this real fairy’s work, her philanthropy, children’s promo, books, and ways you can help!  “Thank you so fairy much and have an enchanted day!”